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About The Founder

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A Taste of Mexico

Leodegario González Barrios (Mr González) was born in Mexico. His parents, Miguel and Carmen raised a big family of 8 children. Leo was the oldest son. He always looked for different opportunities and a better future. In a society where kids lived with their parents until they got married, he moved out at the age of 18. Right after high school. First, he moved to Morelia, the capital city of his home State. He tried to study college, but the means where not enough to pursue that dream. He dropped out. Then he moved to Mexico City to do the same. He tried to work and study, but things did not work out as well. 

He kept working in different areas and places, as a cook in fast food restaurants, as a cashier, as an English teacher and so on until he was 24. He then went back to Mexico City. He did it to pursue a bachelor’s degree again. This time around he succeeded. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in International Trade, He did it in one of the best public schools in the country. After he got his bachelor’s degree, he worked for an International Company in Mexico City for a few years. While in Mexico City he also went on and earned a Master’s degree in public administration and policy at one of the most prestigious private University in Latin America. There, he was offered to take a couple of courses in Harvard University in Boston and he did. 

A Dream Come True

After finishing his Master’s degree, he moved back to his hometown. There he ran to become the town’s Mayor. He was not supported mainly because he had been away for so long. He also ran to become a member of the State congress with the same fate. However, he became the local president and leader of his political party. While in his hometown he started a Real State Business and a Restaurant Bar Business among other business ventures. He succeeded in both and had them for a few years. Always looking for new challenges, he started looking for the opportunity to move to Canada. He was looking for a more stable social life. He applied to hundreds of jobs online. He also hired an immigration consultant looking for the best option, but nothing seemed to work. He finally got invited by a big franchise for an interview. He passed it and was invited to come to Yarmouth to manage a local restaurant. 

He then sent an application to the Province of Nova Scotia and was approved to come as a Provincial Nominee in 2015. He arrived in December 2015. Once in Canada he worked for the franchise for 2 years. He became a Permanent Resident of Canada in the meantime.  Once in Canada, 6 months after his arrival, he bought his first home using his real estate skills. He also started looking for the opportunity to open and continue his restaurant business. He found a second location to buy. There he started a lodging business and eventually opened his first Mexican Restaurant in Canada, Mr González Mexican Cuisine.

He has managed and owned Mr González Mexican Cuisine since 2019. He is now approved to become a full Canadian Citizen and he is ready to continue his business expansion to other parts of Canada. Thanks to the people of Yarmouth and Canada Mr González will soon be able to create more jobs and help fellow Canadians succeed as well. He did the entire course at UBC (online) to become an Immigration Consultant to try to overcome the burden of bringing international workers as well. 


Mr González and his brand came to Canada to stay. 

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